Disabled Account

If you have disabled your account or it has been disabled by Facebook then we can help you get your Facebook Account back. These may be the following reasons for Facebook to disable your account-

  • If your account was inactive for a very long period.
  • If you have been using a fake name on social media.
  • If you have been sending too many friend requests.
  • If you are posting offensive pictures and stuffs.
  • If you have been sending duplicate text messages to your friends.
  • If you made a suspicious payment or transaction- with a credit card/debit card of a different person/name than your Facebook account.
  • If you are having more than one account. Similar accounts may get disabled by Facebook.

Here is a list of reason why an account may get suspended-

  • A Facebook profile created for a pet, organisation, or any other thing, may get suspended.
  • If you are having affiliation with any suspicious or doubtful group or organisation or being suspected/reported for that.
  • Use a fake date of birth, such as 1905 on your profile information may get your account deactivated.
  • If you have posted/published a copyrighted material, post, song or movie, then your account may get suspended.

Getting an account back is nearly impossible if you were actually breaking any Facebook policy. However if these suspicions were wrong or if it is an rectifiable issue then we can get your account back.