Hacked Account

Security and protection of your Facebook accounts and company profile is very important. With the increasing amount of hacking and cyber crime activities over the internet, your account, organisations page and profile may be targeted next.

Here is quick look at the Stats on Cyber Crime

  • There is an occurence of almost 45 cyber criminal activity at every second.

  • Almost 4 million data breaching activities occur everyday.

  • Cyber crime costs about $500 billion to the global community every year.

  • This may hit upto $6 trillion by 2021 annually.

43% of those activities target only small businesses.

If your having suspicious activities on your Facebook account then we can help you secure your accounts and profiles. If your account has already been hacked, we can get it back for you and prevent further damage.

  • If you are sending duplicate text messages to your friends.

  • If you made a suspicious payment or transaction- which is to use a credit card/debit card of a different person/name than your Facebook account.

  • If you are having more than one account.

  • A Facebook profile created for a pet, organisation, or any other thing, then it may get suspended.

  • Affiliation with any suspicious or doubtful group or organisation.