Recover Account

There may be a various reasons why Facebook may deactivate your account. If you are overlooking a policy or breaking a policy then Facebook may deactivate your account. Moreover, Facebook officials may not even have to look in to the matter as there are many bots which keep a close look on the activities over Facebook.

If your account has been suspended because of a suspicious activity you had not done, or a fake report, then we can help you in getting your account back. However, if you were breaking a Facebook policy or a law knowingly or unknowingly, then your account may not get recovered.

Here is a list of reason why an account may get suspended-

  • If you are using a fake name on social media.
  • If you are posting on your friends’ timelines too much, in that case Facebook might consider you as a bot and suspend your account.
  • If you are sending too many friend requests from your Facebook Account.
  • If you are posting offensive pictures and stuffs.
  • If you are sending duplicate text messages to your friends.
  • If you made a suspicious payment or transaction- which is to use a credit card/debit card of a different person/name than your Facebook account.
  • If you are having more than one account.
  • A Facebook profile created for a pet, organisation, or any other thing, then it may get suspended. 
  • Affiliation with any suspicious or doubtful group or organisation.